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At the outset, we would like introduce ourselves. STU BIS Solutions, a software applications development institution, is manned by a team of thoroughbred software professionals offering dissimilar software solutions for your intricate and divergent software complexities.

At STU Business Solutions, the team of hard core designers and developers at STU Biz Solutions offer unique application design and development.

We will not be guilty of lying, if we proclaim that we are among the best in designing and deploying HTML5 application. STU Biz Solutions present solutions that are the best fit to cater to the requirements of your particular project with the inception of HTML5 services. The HTML5 services developed and designed at STU Biz Solutions are absolutely user friendly, interactive to the core and undeniably cost effective. We infuse sagacity though our expertise.

HTML5, in the modern times, has fast surfaced as a promising platform. This amazing app is magnificently power-packed with an all inclusive set of API technologies that facilitate inherent PCs, mobiles, Tablets and web applications compatible with manifold platforms and browsers that augment user experience.

The team of steadfast developers at STU Biz Solutions, well versed with commissioning of HTML5, can render your website compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

It is impeccably attuned to high definition multimedia content like animation, games, movies, etc., helping in fashioning applications with special effects and graphics. Besides, HTML5 boosts execution prowess on the whole and swiftness of the applications with rapid exchanges and rejoinders.

HTML5, an admixture of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, is the concept of all-pervading platform for the web. It aids the designers in devising astounding websites and startling applications that are congruous with numerous browsers and corroborates with mobile app development for different browsers. HTML5 based games feature splendid animation, videos and allows offline playing and local storage.

HTML5 imparts astonishing characteristics to web developers and superior browsing experience to surfers. The language, embraced by all major internet browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Fire Fox and Internet explorer, makes the web applications more endowed and effective.

The team of developers at STU Biz Solutions, well versed with commissioning implementing of HTML5, can render your website compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

The rewards that you can reap by having your HTML5 developed by STU Biz Solutions are:

  • Superior client-server communication means
  • Utilization of sophisticated UI components
  • Improved context menus
  • Dependable code across different browsers, platforms, and devices
  • Plug-ins supportive on all mobile browsers
  • Supportive for rich multimedia contents and animations
  • Superlative format support for publishing e-books
  • Geo-location services
  • Mammoth storage capacity
  • Offline storage features

Our HTML5 Services include:

  • Multi featured mobile apps development
  • Proficiency in developing brilliant web sites with HTML5
  • Games development
  • Produce immaculately structured HTML5 sites
  • Most excellent web browsing and user navigation with HTML5 integration
  • Complex video file handling
  • Clear drag and drop options
  • Bespoke development service
  • Exploit HTML5 to include complex graphics and animation
  • Encompass geolocation services in your application
  • Optimise development cost