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PPC Services

STU Biz Solutions boasts one of the top-notch pay-per-click (PPC) service sources. Our uniqueness is managing each promotion distinctively. Majority of them fit into one of the three broad classes:

  • Click-Driven
  • CPA-Driven
  • ROI-Driven

Click driven: STU Biz Solutions sees Click-Driven Campaign as the most appropriate for entrepreneurs who can’t track conversions. Even if they are capable of, these are too inadequate and lopsided to depend on for making a decision with regard to any campaign. The focal point in case of Click-Driven campaign is to maximise the number of clicks for the funds expended on advertising without overrunning the budget. The Businesses will have ample prospects to convert more visitors as the traffic to the website concerned tends to go up.

CPA-driven strategies: STU Biz Solutions predominantly use pre-programmed cost-per-acquisition parameters for making decisions for all campaigns. The CPA-driven strategies are best suited for those who track conversions and deal with less than ten products. These strategies are devised to enable make decisions that facilitate achieving or surpassing the preset targets, by keeping vigil on acquisition costs.

ROI Driven: STU Biz Solutions maintain that ROI-driven promotions as not very complicated comparatively and are apt for entrepreneurs who track conversions as well as initiate precise and predetermined simulations. At STU Biz Solutions ROI-driven campaigns are accentuated by system generated models that simulate the proposed modifications to variables of diverse strategies, like keyword for cost-per-click. We apply these simulations to estimate the effects due to these amendments, on the bottom line. The philosophy behind ROI-driven promotion is to maximise profitability.

STU Biz Solutions control majority of the promotions by virtue of customised PPC console. The very sophisticated software deployed at STU Biz Solutions assist to try out modifications to chosen variables in every PPC strategy. This facilitates making rational judgment.

On the other hand, the team of extraordinarily competent professionals at STU Biz Solutions has absolute capability to manage each quantitative variable in every PPC strategy. At STU Biz Solutions, we synergistically integrate robust software and professionals’ vigour (selective automation) to manage all PPC strategies most adroitly.

The publicity costs of PPC can get out of control swiftly if they are not tracked. At STU Biz Solutions, we apply very best tools to maximize ROI by virtue of our pay-per-click management endeavours.

Moreover, we are of thee opinion that every business requires a tailor made marketing solutions. This is more relevant to pay-per-click campaign. These customised solutions are not normally applicable to every business as these pay-per-click strategies developed at STU Biz Solutions are bespoke and meant to comply with particular business needs. We work in perfect tandem with you to evolve a logical and practical advertising budget and a customized strategy together with related procedures to match your specific business requirements.

We at STU Biz Solutions repose faith in, cultivate and disseminate honesty and transparency. An unambiguous understanding on the part of both parties paves way for mutual success.

Call us to serve and help you grow.